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4 Satellite Boxes, 3 Screens, 1 Confused Person!


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Really stuck with this one!

I own a bar/club which has 3 screens, 2 projectors in the seating areas and a plasma TV behind the bar. We have 4 Satellite boxes receiving SD Sat TV from different providers.

What i am trying to acheive is this..... Each of the 3 Screens must be able to display video from each of the boxes i.e. the 3 screens must be able to display:

3 different pictures
2 screens with 1 picture, 1 with another
The same picture on all screens

Hope that makes sense! I am happy for the video to be carried on Composite or S-Video via a scart convertor on the back of the Sat Boxes.

I though i could achieve this with 3 switching boxes like this:


But, then i realised that I would not be able to split the output form each box 3 ways i.e. an output from each box into each switch (3 outputs from each Sat box).

Hope that all makes sense!! Any suggestions welcome.........:lease:

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Have a look at this.

6 Input SCART Router With 3 outputs
RGB & Composite Video Support
SPDIF digital audio for 3 inputs
Route Any Input Signal To Any Output Socket
Automatic Or Manual Switching Via Remote Control (Included)
Watch One Source And Record Another At The Same Time

Manual is here

I think this will do what you want.

The only caveat is that although 4 inputs on Scat are RGB capable, there is only one output for RGB, the others are composite.

Joe Fernand

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Hello Snapper3166

A decent quality Composite or S-Video (Y/C) Matrix Switch with front panel control will be your best option.

With a 'Programmable' unit you can set up various 'Preset' states that will allow you and your staff to quickly call up the 'scene' you want.

AutoPATCH and Kramer both have options designed for your type of installation - see:






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This site never fails to amaze me!

Huge thanks to both of you, dont have time to have a detailed read but I've had a quick skim and they both look like they will do the job. Will have a detailed look tomorrow, you dont know how much time and frustration you have saved me!! Any time you are in sweden there is a free pint (or several) on the bar waiting!!

Thanks again and i will post an update tomorrow!

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