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4 questions about the KEF KHT2005. Advice please?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by stewarthollyhead, Jan 14, 2002.

  1. stewarthollyhead


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    1) There seems yto be to applicable ways to set these up for me (According to the manual).
    a) one RCA wire going from the amp to the sub.
    b) one RCA going from amp tothe sub. Then a short wire going from "left bass out" to "right bass in" on the back of the sub.

    Whats the difference? Is one better?

    2) Never owned a sub before so I dont know what the extra kobs do? There are three a) Volume b) Crossphase c)patch? (I think that is correct off the top of my head).

    What do these other two do and what seetings do I need on them for this system?

    3) My sony amp has lots of subwoofer settings which I also gont get. Any recommendations? There is an LFE mix a d range comnpression etc?

    4) finally are there any good speaker stands to go with this series of speakers?

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