Question 4 Pin S-Video cable but only a 21-pin S-Video input enabled scart socket on TV;how do I connect them


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4 Pin S-Video cable, but only a 21-pin S-Video input enabled scart socket on TV; how do I connect them?

I have a Playstation 2 S-Video 4-pin cable but my CRT TV doesn't have the 4 Pin S-Vid socket. It does however have a 21 pin SCART socket enabled for S-Video input. I have set the TV to only receive S-Video signals. Will the signal stay as S-Vid thru an adapter?

Do I even need an adapter? Is there a cable which has an S-Video 4-pin female end, to plug the 4-pin S-Video male end of the PLaystation cable into, and an S-Video enabled SCART male end, to plug into the TV S-Video enabled SCART socket?

I have attached the relevant TV information and specs from its manual.

Screenshot (13306).png
Screenshot (13305).png


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Yeah, you can buy the cables/plug adapters for a couple of quid, or just ask around. Someone you know will likely have an old one knocking around.


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Additionally, am I correct to infer from these manual pages, that my TV will in fact receive the S-Video signal outputted from my console?


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Yes, your TV will definitely accept it. Whether any particular adapter works properly is anyones guess. It would have to be wired correctly.

ps. Those Maplin adapters are eye-wateringly expensive. You can get these for less than £1 elsewhere


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I just thought, given its price, that it was implied therefore that it had been wired properly and of strong build quality. I'd rather not keep buying cheap and tacky ones only to find they're weak and not wired properly.

Do you have any recommendations of good adapters that are most likely to be wired properly and of good build quality?


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I use the switched in/out type from Amazon.
Never come across one yet that had been wired wrongly.
It's not as if you're going to be constantly plugging/unplugging it.


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Thank you for all your help. I appreciate it very much.

So just to confirm, most adapters are most likely to be wired properly and therefore able to maintain the S-Video connection through the adapter without converting the signal to composite or something else?

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