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Good day! I am new to this site. Heard a lot of positive things so I thought I'd check it out!

I have a question that is a major concern to me! I have a 5.1 Yamaha receiver Rx-V565. I have owned it for 5 years, without any issues, so this is probably a ridiculous time to open a can of worms here!

The front mains are Tivoli (3 ways) and the rears are Technical Pros, all 8 ohms. My center channel however is a 4 ohm speaker and I found that out just by recently looking at the manual recently! Rather careless of me, but because of this variance, could I damage my receiver with this setup? As I stated I have had no issues (TG) but I have noticed that any mono soundtrack from a blu-ray or dvd I watch always shows and plays from the front main speakers instead of the center channel. It decodes the lossless audio and displays that on the receiver face (Dolby True HD, DTS Master Audio, Dolby Digital or PCM). The Yamaha is rated @ 95 watts!
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If your receiver hasn't tripped and gone into protection mode since having the speaker connected then it is unlikely to start causing your receiver issues now. The protection curcuitry would cut in before any permanent damage can be caused. It is generally suggested to not use speakers below 6ohm in conjunction with AV receivers though, especially the lower end receiver which may not have the power supply abilities to keep pace with the low impedance load. This can cause AV receivers and amplifiers to overheat. The risk of damaging the receiver increases the higher you turn the volume.

If you are not getter any output via the centre speaker in relation to multichannel audio then there is an issue, either with the speaker or with the amp powering it. Ensure that the centre speaker is ON from within the speaker configurations and that the speaker wires are all correctly and securely connected. It may just be that the sources you are playing have no discrete centre channel present. Stereo and mono audio has no discrete centre channel and you'd need to engage a surround mode such as Pro Logic to create pseudo surround channels in association with such audio.

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