4 ohms surround sound speakers on 6-16 av amp


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Hi all
I have a pioneer amp a vsx321 that runs 6 ohms speakers that came with it 5.1 satellites that are all rated 6 ohms,4 surround speakers ,1 centre, 1 sub woofer(passive)
I was wondering if I could replace the 4 surround sound speakers to 4,floor standing speakers that are rated at 4 ohms they are pioneer by make that I acquired from a blue ray 5.1 system that also has centre and sub woofer (passive) but I just wanted to change the surrounds to the floor standing speakers rated at 4 ohm's and keep the 6 ohms centre and sub woofer speakers
I don't listen to it mega loud or floor shaking while watching movies I do use the amp for a few hours at a time
If this isn't possible where could I find a 6 - 16 ohms speaker package that has 4 floor standing speakers
any help would be great thanks


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Why the change? The all in one speakers are just small satellite speakers with a built in stand so will give no improvement in sound. Also all in one speakers tend to be poor quality as well so I see no benefit in the change. 4 ohm speakers will put more load on the receiver which is not ideal especially for budget end ones.

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