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I’m trying to do some maths here.

Nintendo said they would ship 4 million consoles world-wide by Xmas but wouldn’t say how many each country would get but that America would get the majority.

So let’s say America gets 2m, Japan 1m and Europe 1m. The UK sold about 100k out of 300k for the whole of Europe in the first weekend. This implies there is another (roughly) 250k to arrive in the UK. Say another 100k have gone this week that leaves another 150,000 consoles for Britain in the next week or so.

I’d welcome people to challenge / refine my maths based on what they know – I just did this quickly to see how many consoles there should be.

Based on these numbers there shouldn’t be a huge shortage next week.
That was what they said but to be honest I cannot see them having them available and not shipping them to stores.

IF nintendo had 2.5 million Wiis holed up somewhere then they should have been able to keep the supply coming in in all 3 regions which would have saved a lot of parents the issues they are facing at the moment and stopped the Ebay prices from going quite so nuts
you forget about the whole of asia, australasia and south america.. and perhaps africa?
Oh yeah - i didn't say it was perfect. How many are they selling? Oh nevermind - it doesn't matter. I still aint got one for my kids xmas. At least I managed to get them a DS lite each - but even they are pretty hard to come by.
My guess is that Asia, Australia and South Africa together should have 500k.

Consoles sell very well in Asia, the console/household ratio is much higher in Asia than Europe.
I think Nintendo still owe some of the smaller EU contries some units if UK had 1/3 so far.
Have you seen how many countries are listed on the PAL Wii location menu?
of 1 Million units to come for Europe, the UK would get about another 100-150k, at least another 100k for France and Germany each, these things really need to be stacked high on shelves all over at least 10 European countries for Xmas if Nintendo are going to achieve 4 mil by Xmas (which I dont think they will manage to supply)

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