4 MegaPixel v 3CCD



I am expecting a new baby soon, and am looking to purchase a camcorder to record the happy times.

What is going to give me better video: A 4 megpixel setup, such as can be found on the Canon MVX4i, or a 3CCD pick up device, as can be found on the well reviewed Panasonic NV-GS75?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. The staff in Dixons just aren't inspiring me!


A 4mp CCD will have very little to do with the quality of video it can capture. Higher mp CCD's are only used for the capture of still images, so if you want to use the cam as a stills camera then this might be a good option, but IMO camcorders don't work well as a camera and separate video & stills cameras is the way to go.
A 3 CCD camcorder will give a better image with sharper, more defined colours. The down side is that they will not be as good as a single CCD cam in low light conditions (such as inside a house) as the light gets split 3 ways. But look for a cam with the biggest CCD's (normally Panasonics) and a reasonable size lens diameter as this will let more light in.

The staff in Dixons just aren't inspiring me!
Really, and there was me thinking they were the cream of salemanship :devil:



Thanks for the reply.

Are there any reviews out on the MVx4i yet?????

I already have a stills camera, and would only go for the MVx4i for convenience (taking one photographic item on holiday, etc) IF it can do the business on video as well.

Are the 3CCDs on the Panasonic NV-GS75 "big", and therefore up to indoor work???

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