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4 HDMI Inputs Required - Is It Necessary That They're All In The Amp?


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If I have 4 HDMI sources, would it be okay if some of them were connected to the TV rather than the amp?

The most affordable AVRs with 4 HDMIs (AFAIK) are the SR606, RX-V1800 and STR-DG820. Big price spread there, I know and I do know that the RX-V1800 is streets ahead of the SR606.

If it's okay to send the HDMI signal of two of my four HDMI sources to the amp and two to the TV, then I may consider choosing an AV amp with just two HDMI inputs - would I get a "better" AV amp (than the SR606 or RX-V1800) for my money if I did this?

I'll have a Panasonic EX88, a Freesat (or free satellite) receiver, PS3 (with PlayTV if it does eventually work with Irish DTT - if not, I'll have to have an MPEG4 DTT receiver as a 5th source) and XBox 360.

I plan to get a TH-50PZ80 which has 3 HDMI inputs, though one is on the side, which I don't like.

The PS3 and XBox can output 5.1 via HDMI, so I'd connect them to the amp's two HDMI inputs, covering both video and audio.

The EX88 and most Freesat receivers seem to have HDMI and optical outputs, so I'm wondering if they could be connected to the TV via HDMI for video, and to the amp via optical for audio?

If this was okay, would it open me up to much greater choice in terms of AV amp?

I'm not really even considering the Sony amp - IIUC, it has limited processing (no upscaling, etc.) - I just mentioned it cos it does have 4 HDMI inputs.

The Yamaha would be my first choice, but seeing as I won't be buying till early next year, it seems I may have difficulty getting one.

I'm sure the 606 would be more than capable for my needs, but as I read more and more, I'm starting to think that I might regret not choosing an amp capable of better performance with music, as that does matter to me.

So I'm off now to browse for amps with two HDMI inputs...

As ever, thanks for any replies,



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Dont forget that you need to get a amp that is capable of putting audio through HDMI, a lot of cheap amps dont, or you could get one that doesent and just use Digital Coaxial/Optical Audio. Thats all I know :thumbsup:

Good luck!


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Does the amp have to be 'on' for it to display on the LCD.

I.e if you have a virgin V+ Box, and run that into an AV Amp via HDMI then, have the amp plugged into the TV via HDMI... Does the amp need to be 'on', because i mostly only want to use the TV for sound and not the AV Amp, hence i'd like to leave it in standby?


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Yes, the amp does need to be on.


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It's really a case of looking at it on a source by source basis - some sources (such as the PS3) you lose out on some of its capabilities, namely those to do with the blu ray associated hd audio if you connect them directly to your television. However other sources such as dvd players or satellite/cable boxes don't - those basically that have optical or coaxial digital outputs and are just outputing core Dolby Digital or DTS soundtracks. Even if you were to require extra hdmi inputs though, it wouldn't be quite the end of the world as there is always the option of adding a hdmi switch box.

Garylythgoe touched on one of the issues though - there's an advantage in connecting cable sources such as V+ directly to your television as it gives you the option of listening to it through the television's speakers should you wish to (without the amp needing to be on). Doing so makes the set-up a bit more wife or kid friendly.

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To free 2 HMDI inputs on the amp, you could connect the V+ box and XBOX 360 directly to the TV and then run optical cables to the amp (providing your tv has multiple HDMI inputs).

For HD sound you would need to run the PS3 to a HD capable amp via HDMI - the amp but should be able to accept decoded HD sound via PCM output from the PS3. However, if you don't need HD sound then you could also run the PS3 direct to the TV via HDMI and run an optical back to the amp freeing up another HDMI input on the amp.

Not sure if this would open you up to a better amp though - have just been through a similar process searching for best sound for the money versus extra features - my budget was a bit higher and have ordered the yamaha vx3800 for £700 (half its price from a year ago). I'm hoping that in terms of sound quality I won't feel like upgrading for long time.


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Thanks for your reply guys, its a bit disappointing that it cant carry the signal through to the TV while the amp is on 'standby' imo, but maybe im missing the point! :rolleyes:

Eitherway i just purchased a Denon 1909 to replace a broken Marantz SR4300 and looking forward to getting it all setup :smashin:


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Eitherway i just purchased a Denon 1909 to replace a broken Marantz SR4300 and looking forward to getting it all setup :smashin:

Lucky sucker! :thumbsup:

If you don't mind me asking, what sources will you be using with the 1909, and how you'll be connecting them all?

After some surfing yesterday, I've decided it's a strong contender in place of the 606 I was considering.

I'm thinking that I could connect the PS3 & X360 to two of the 1909's 3 HDMI inputs alone, covering both video and audio via HDMI.

I could could connect the EX88 (or Freesat receiver) to the 1909's third HDMI input for video and via optical for audio.

I could then connect the Freesat receiver (or EX88) to one of the TV's two rear-mounted HDMI inputs for video and to the amp via optical (or coaxial) for audio.

The 1909's HDMI output would then be connected to the TV's other rear-mounted HDMI input.

How does that sound? If I understand things correctly, this would all work fine, wouldn't it?




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Hi mate,

Its a bit new to me too, ive just got a KDL-40W4500 too, so its my first venture into HDMI etc :thumbsup:

Ive got a Denon 1930, and an Xbox360 to go into it at first... And eventually a hdmi V+ box (only got a normal non hdmi v+ box thing atm).

What you've said sounds like it should work fine :thumbsup:

P.S i wasnt a fan of the Onkyo sound, it was between the 606, the Sony DG820 and the 1909 and the 1909 sounded much better to my ears, and it just made me smile :D


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You only really need to connect via HDMI to the amp, any sources which you are using the audio thru HDMI. If your not then you can just connect to the TV via HDMI and optical to the amp for audio.


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Isn't there an inherent advantage to connecting sources directly to the TV in that you can then calibrate the separate TV inputs? I was thinking of buying a new amp and was leaning towards one with multiple HDMI's, but if I'll be better able to fine-tune the image quality by using multiple inputs to the TV I might just use Optical connections for the audio.

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