4 ex-rental/pre-owned blu-rays for £10 @ Blockbuster, about 150 to choose from


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Just came on to post this myself. Lots of titles appeared this afternoon as I've been checking the link daily, although it's not actually a listed link from their site.
Ordered 12 titles.


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While flicking through the pages i kept noticing them becoming sold out then back in stock, so keep refreshing if theres something you specifically after


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Pretty hard to get 4 titles out of whats left looks like they added a few new ones but they wen straight away

only title let that i want is halloween 2


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Got home from work to find 2 blus waiting for me but have checked my emails today and one of my orders has been cancelled. It was 4 emails and i think it was the four that i orderd together. Looks to me if they dont have one in stock they cancel the whole order.
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