4-Core for both surround speakers?


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I have some Audioquest G4 (4 core) speaker cable.

I was wondering if there are any downsides to running both rear surround speakers off 1 run of 4 core cable? The speakers are Monitor Audio Bronze FX.

I will just split the pairs and direct them left and right. Then in future if I add 2 more rears for 7.1 I can run another 4 core.

I'm asking regarding interference / cross talk etc. Is there any issues with doing this?



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I've used 4 cores for 2 different channels before with no ill effects. In my case my rack is in the left corner so the 4 core ran across the front to the centre and the right front speaker so arguably more critical than surrounds.

I've since changed to single runs of mains T&E for all speakers but not because of.issues with the 4 core I was using.


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Good news, thanks for that, I’ll cable it up by splitting the 4core and see how I go. I’m sure it will be fine.

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