4 core as speaker cable question


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Can you please put my mind at ease on the above.

I bought 2 types of 4 core 0.75mm2 & 1.0mm2 (cause the shop hadn't enough of the 1.0mm2 stuff to do all)

I've used the 1.0mm2 for the front 3 speakers and the 0.75mm2 for the 4 surround speakers.

What i've done is pair 2 wires for each + & -.

So my question is, is 2 X 0.75mm2 paired together at each end enough for my speakers? Should i buy thicker stuff, as i want the best out of it.

My amp is Pioneer AX5i set to 6 ohms and powering 2 X Canton CD100's and 2 X Canton CD50's as the surrounds and surround backs.



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Cheers eviljohn.

Still a bit brainwashed with speaker cable from speaker cable companies and just needed to be sure it would suffice.

Still find it hard to believe €25 of 4 core is what i'm using, when before i joined the forum i was adament at spending about €190 for Monitor Audio Pure Flow cable.

More :beer: money :clap:

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