4:3 Projector screen in a bright room


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I have been asked to put in a projector in a public bar which has a lot of ambient light and is only used during the day. They want a 4ft by 3ft screen size but the source is 4:3 and not widescreen. Can anyone recommend a suitable screen. The projector would be a 4000 ansi Benq.


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Hi Frank,

Are you sure about the size? 4 by 3 ft sounds a bit small for a public place.
If the size is right, 4000 ANSI should be fine on a matte white or a high contrast fabric. High contrast brings out the colours more and should work fine with the output of your projector.




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Sounds a bit small with 4000 lumens if the amient light darkened that would be extremly bright!

Not 4mx3m is it ?



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Thanks for your replys. The size is right because it has a low ceiling and the public are standing up so it needs to be 4ft off the ground so the picture isn't obsured by people. We have a number of other projectors working at this site which is a racecourse and they are all 2500 - 2700 ansi models either beamed onto white walls or standard manual screens. The performance of these varies depending on how bright the room is but none these look to good in ambient light. I was basically wondering if I could compensate by getting a 4000 ANSI projector and getting a grey screen. As it is the client has gone for 3 plasmas instead for this room but they are still interested in projectors for other rooms. I have taken light readings at the wall it would be beamed on but obviously it also depends on the amount of light it has to beam through. So I also wondered if there were any tips as to where along the path of the beam I should take my light readings and if there was a general rule of thumb about how bright the projector needs to be against what light readings.


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