4.20 vs 4.30 and DTS ES Discrete decoding


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Oct 12, 2003
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I posted this over at the Tag forum but no show so maybe some of you can check this one out.

I installed version 4.30 on my DP unit the other day and was doing my regular private "test" after a new software installment. Anyway, I came up with some strange results with DTS ES Discrete 6.1 decoding.

There are some classic DTS 6.1 Discrete DVDs out there. I'm using Gladiator, Haunting and Blade II, all region 1. Gladiator and Haunting specifically states 6.1 Discrete on the case.

Anyway this is how the unit decodes these DVD's:


Gladiator: DTS Discrete 6.1
Haunting: DTS Discrete 6.1
Blade II: DTS Discrete 6.1


Gladiator: DTS Matrix 6.1
Haunting: DTS Matrix 6.1
Blade II: DTS Discrete 6.1

Weird, as both Gladiator and Haunting really are classic DTS ES Discrete 6.1 DVD.

To check I reinstalled 4.20 overwriting the 4.30 installment. Well, back to normal, all decoded as DTS ES Discrete 6.1. I'm keeping 4.20 at the moment as I want the Discrete 6.1 decoding and not the Matrix decoding.

So, I guess a lot of you guys also have these DVDs and also a 7.1 setup. So can you check and verify this. To me it seems like a software glitch as the 4.20 decodes them as DTS Discrete 6.1. Or maybe they are decoded correctly but the 4.30 only shows DTS Matrix 6.1?
bogi hi m8 you have a reply on Tag's Site;)

Yeah, I just saw it. Apparently one of their beta testers had the same problem so they're looking into it. Apparently there are different disc pressings that might be the cause of this and perhaps the 4.20 SW was more lenient as compared to the 4.30.

Mean time I'll stick to 4.20 as that decodes the two discs as Discrete.

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