4.0 (or 4.1) with phantom centre better than 5.0 (5.1) with badly placed centre?


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I have a setup in our attic room that I’m trying to optimise for both music and surround. My current struggle is whether it is better to use a phantom centre or have what would be a very badly placed centre (I’m really struggling to see where I could put a centre speaker at all - realistically it would need to above the TV which both would look silly but be far too high).

I have 4 Jamo Concert 8’s for the left, right and two surround speakers, and I do have a Jamo Concert Centre (apart from the issue above about where I could put it). The left and right speakers are due to the other configuration of the room not as widely spaced apart as a normal AV setup.

There are two listening positions in practice, one fairly dead centre, one somewhat off-axis.

Amplification is an old Primare SP31.7 AV pre-amp and some Atoll power amps - the 5.x config would require me lugging a fairly heavy 5 channel power amp, another reason why I’m actually keen to avoid this if it is anyway the better solution.

Any views whether better to go for the phantom rather than a very poorly positioned centre? An obvious answer might be “why not just try both options” but that means moving quite a bit of kit between locations so I’d rather not if it can be avoided.

I’m also trying to think whether it is worth adding a sub, but I must admit I have no idea where to start with that ....


No to the centre (although the off axis position will suffer a bit, but it's the least worst option).
Can you run a phantom in your current location and see if you like/dislike the difference?

Yes to the sub, your speakers and your amps will benefit from not having to reproduce the lower registers, plus you can place a sub optimally in the room (which often isn't is where the mains are) for the best bass response at the MLP.


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I’ve tried running it as 2.0 and that works well; I’m not entirely sure that is the same as running a 5.1 signal with a phantom centre. If it basically is, then I think I will just go for the phantom centre. Thanks for the view on the sub - I’ll have a think about what options there might be. On my main system I have a BK Monolith DF but that is too heavy to lug up all the stairs.

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4.1 would be the preferred option or 2.1 - sometimes a loft is not ideal for surround sound, a poorly placed centre is best avoided in any system.



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Thanks Joe - I‘m def going to skip the centre - “poorly placed” is likely the best case option. It’s a loft that has been built out really well; it’s an old house but it got a new roof maybe 10-15 years ago, and has very good insulation. So at least as 2.0 it is acoustically very good. Weirdly it sounds much better since I swapped everything around (i.e. am now listening in the opposite direction to before).

I’m quite happy with this way forward now - much less lugging of stuff.

I’ll see what it sounds like and whether I need a sub. It is quite possible as the Concert 8’s don’t go so low. I also have a few placement options for the sub - more than the centre.

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