3rd Panasonic VCR replacement & still No luck !!!

Discussion in 'Digital TV & Video Players & Recorders' started by Helpmedo, Aug 19, 2004.

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    Just had this machine (MODEL nv-sv121eb - Super VHS) replaced for the 3rd time, but the VCR menu graphics still flicker. The Complete set-up (TV + DVD Player + Sat Box)is all panasonic, yet this VCR just dosent want to know ! Picture output of film being palyed is fine. It is a Super VHS model.

    I disconnected the VCR from the set up and rigged up a Bush VCR (not SVHS)and it's menu graphics werre fine! I then changed this for a Hitachi VCR (again not SVHS), and again no problems with the Menu display graphics etc.

    My panasonic VCR , when connected to a simple set up i.e. to my portable TV, works fine. It is only when I use it within the complete-set up that the problem occurs. Scart leads were used at all times.

    Following points came to mind and tried;
    1. Interference from other units- I moved VCR away without success.
    2. Scart lead quality.- using THOR quality leads.
    3. Tracking - played around with this but made no change.
    4. Defaulted VCR back to "Shipping condition" and re-tuned - again menu flickers
    5. Pansonic cannot explain why this is happening !!

    Only when I use AV2 S that the screen turns black & white, but the menu flickering actually stops !
    The other VCR's, (Bush + Hitachi) VCR's tried were not S-VHS and worked fine at all times. Only the Panasonic one seems to be ultra -sensitive.

    Any ideas what might be causing the Panasonic menu display graphics to flicker ???? - If so, you should be working for Panasonic ! :confused:

    Any ideas welcome ....

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