3G connection but no internet? + Does your Safari work on your iPhone if 3G is off?


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Two questions in one thread...

I have poor 3G signal at home so turn off 3G in the iPhone 4 menu and just use wifi. I'm very new to the iPhone and when I went out earlier today thought I'd give the 3G signal a try. I was getting 4 out of 5 bars at my location, so I thought I'd try loading a webpage and my Facebook app... but neither worked. After about 2 minutes the message popped up: Cannot Open Page. Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the internet. (facebook would say "No internet connection. Try Again"). Just want to mention, in Settings, both 'Enable 3G, Mobile Data' are ON.


So what's up with this?

2nd question, does internet work on an iPhone if 3G is off? (good 2g signal). Before this phone I had a Samsung Tocco Lite, which doesn't have 3G but I could still access webpages and facebook perfectly fine, it was just slow. Why am I unable to do this on my iPhone? I don't mind it being slow if not connected to a 3G signal, but I can't get anything! :( :confused:

I'm getting a little frustrated... I was in love with this phone for the first week I had it, but I'm slowly starting to lose my love for it... internet sucks with good signal or not and the battery life isn't great either.


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if u have it with 3g off u still get internet
battrey life 1 or 2 days if u to play games go on the web a bit & talk 1 day
have u just got the phone

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