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Hi am new to the forum so hello i am looking at buying a 3d tv but not sure on what ones to get i am looking at 500 quid so any help would be nice thanks


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A few questions you need to answer first
1:Who will be using the TV.
2:What will they be using it for.
3:What size room will it be used in.
Then we can help you choose the best type suited to your needs.
You may also want to read up on the different kinds of technology used
Passive or Active
Plasma LCD/LED


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Hi i will mostly use it for gaming and some blu ray flims for the family and looking at more passive has its cheaper for glasses


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Gaming might be an issue on some Passive sets because of bag lag
I have an LG passive set and am very happy with it.
But only being a casual gamer i don't really notice it if any.
Check out the LG thread on here
LG Forum | AVForums.com - UK Online

Might help you decide if LG Passive is for you.
The other Passive sets i know of are by Toshiba and Technika
The Technika Tesco Own Brand has had some bad reviews on here so i would give that a miss.
The Toshiba use LG panels and have had mixed reviews.

Jason Shouler

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I'd avoid both myself.

The LG is a cheap active set that doesn't even support Full HD :thumbsdow

Bush is not a manufacturer but simply a 'brand' name often used by exporters for their nameless products. They can however represent real bargains as many big name manufacturers will sometimes sell off excess production (it's expensive to have to shut a production line and then restart) to a 3rd party on the clear understanding that this fact is never exposed. Thus there's a possibility that a 'Bush' brand might really be say a Sony or an LG.

If it's really an LG passive then it might be a good buy if the price is good although, even if so, it's very important to understand that LG will completely disown the product :(

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