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Sorry mods if this is in the wrong section but couldn't think which area to put it as its a general comment.

Just been watching gadget show and they showed a portable 3Dtv that didn't need glasses, and WOW. Ive only got one eye so never been able to see it before, so this was my first ever taste of 3Dtv and its the future.

I just hope that manufacturers go this route over glasses. In which case im going to get saving!


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I love gadgets and improvements in technology but, 3D TV has left me feeling cold. For viewing without glasses (and with glasses) you will take a hit on viewing quality.

Of course, things have to move on and Sony & co want to move us onto the next big thing ASAP in order to fill their coffers once again.

For me, I am 100% happy with my projector and 110cm screen plus HD sound, I am in no rush to replace this experience.

eric pisch

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tv manufacturers are desperate, the flat panel craze put up sales a billion fold as in the last 4 years as a huge percentage of people binned there CRT tvs, now there reaching saturation like the mobile industry so there desperate to make all out TVs redundant so we change them all again.

give me a G, give me an I, give me a M, give me a M .... well you can fill in the rest :p


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Catoms are a billion times more exciting than 3DTV. Shame they will probably never make it into production.


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give me a G, give me an I, give me a M, give me a M .... well you can fill in the rest :p

Ive no doubt there a gimmick.

But having never seen anything 3D (magic eye pics, jaws 3D, cartoons, bugs life show at Disney etc) its just great to be able to see what all the fuss is about. Not sure I would want one as my main viewing tv, but with all these 3D films now coming out, no idea on the quality of the 3D, at least theres a hope i can see them.


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Whats the point of this technology?

Sure we had digital SD which they watered down from its true potential

Then they created digital HD, which again they have watered down from its true potential.

Many of the public watch SD or even analogue signals on HDTVs, and the result is truly awful.

But then again, people are easily convinced to change TV technologies. After all, they are even able to persuade people that silver is the new black to generate loads of new sales, only to tell them that black is the new silver a few years later to generate more sales.:rolleyes:

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