3D-XL on a non-HDMI 3D Ready Projector - WORKING


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Jun 25, 2011
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Actually signed up to post this as I did a lot of research on here but couldn't find an answer to my question (did find lots of useful stuff around it though).

I have an Acer X1230PK 3d Ready projector, XGA rez and VGA input. All I wanted was to get 3D up and running from a 3D bluray source, but obviously it'll cover PS3, xbox, broadcast etc...

On paper, BDPlayer - 3DXL - HDMI/VGA converter - Projector looked like it would work (bandwidth, connections etc) but it's always nice to find confirmation from someone who's already tried it.

Well, I've tried it and it works without a hitch. Here's the full setup:

1. Panasonic BDT110 3D Bluray player
2. HDMI High Speed cable
3. 3DXL
4. HDMI High Speed cable
5. HDMI to VGA converter (ebay, £35 - an LKV385)
6. VGA Cable
7. Projector (Acer X1230PK)
6a. 3.5mm stereo audio
7a. Stereo sound bar

I could also take sound directly from the bluray player in digital or analogue if I had a separate amp, but the virtual surround suits me just fine and I already had it so no cost(!).

I'm using dlp-link for sync with 2 pairs of optoma ZD201 glasses (1 came with 3dxl, other from bestbuy for £54 which seemed good to me) and 2 pairs of ebay chinese imports as they were cheap. Both sets of glasses work fine, tinting of the image is minimal - though switched off the ebay glasses have more of a green cast, this goes away when active. My only criticism of the ebay glasses would be that they're a lot more sensitive to ambient light than the optomas and lose the dlp-link signal with too much daylight - absolutely no issue in dim or darkened conditions.

Hopefully this might help a few people along their way to home 3D on a wall-sized scale.

Nice one :D

Have you heard of any success with the 3DXL and a Sharp XV Z3000 720p dlp projector?

Worth askin? :)
Thanks for testing this out! the only problem I've run into is that my hdmi to vga converter doesn't support 720p 120hz. 5. The model you listed LKV385 doesn't say it supports 120hz on it's spec sheet. Can you confirm that this is the model you purchased? Thanks for your help!
I have had most of this except the 3D-XL and HDMI-VGA converter since last year. I stumbled on this post and as I was looking to get an HDMI/VGA converter I purchased an LKV385 with a view to getting an Optoma 3d-XL later.
I bought the converter a few months ago and it works well.
I received a 3D-XL a few days ago for Christmas.
At first it didn't work so I was a bit disappointed,however, after fiddling around I found out it was the old bogey of HDMI cable quality so after getting a quality cable I can confirm it does work:clap: However it only shows 60hz on the screen but it is definately in 3D.
I can also confirm that the optoma will switch to SBS and T&B(over under) and I can view sbs through virgin V+ on my projector in 3D.
You have to switch on the source first(bluray player) then 3D-XL and finally the projector.
I should also add that I am using an HDMI matrix switcher 4 in 2 out which was advertised as 3D tested and it also works.
It certainly works on this setup. I can only assume the LKV385 is giving out the "handshake"??
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Just an update,I don't know why but the projector is now showing 120hz(in 3D) on screen at the start. The 3D-XL seems to have "learned" my setup and switches to the correct format/2D/3D etc. almost immediately.
Is the HDMI/VGA converter more capable than advertised or is the 3D-XL doing something??
Anyway it works and as I have over 2000hrs lamp life left it's saved an expensive change to an HDMI projector:thumbsup:
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Just another update I can confirm that it shows 3D from the V+ and Tivo so I would suspect that it would also work on sky 3D!

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