3D TV flickering in 3D mode: Questions about replacing or repairing power board


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I have a Samsung 3D TV (Model UE46F6740SBXXU) that has developed a problem with a flickering backlight on part of the screen when watching 3D content, while normal TV content is perfectly stable. In truth this may have been an issue for some time, as I have not used the 3D feature in a few years. Having missed a few cinema releases over the lockdown, I'd like to get it working again so I can catch up without getting a headache.

I've seen on a historic forum post here regarding a similar TV (Samsung UE40F6670SBXXU Flickering in 3D) that a faulty power board is likely the problem due to having components fitted that eventually fail to fully power the backlight at increased brightness, and the board needs repairing or replacing. The post states that it must be replaced with the same model and revision number. Power board BN44-00623B revision 1.1 is what is fitted in my TV, but the only version I can find easily for sale is revision 1.2 - Is it critical to match revision number as well, or would the higher revision actually function better than the original (i.e. have higher tolerance components to prevent future failures)? Alternatively, does anyone know precisely what components need replacing, and where I can get the correct specification replacement components in the UK that will function as the manufacturer intended?


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Revision is not really a major game changer, mainly revisions happen because of shortage in components or production cost cuts. It should work fine...
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