3D to 2D conversion...

A lot has been said about how bad 3D is if it's done in post production - and I agree...it can - and more often than not - is very poor.

However, not a great deal has been said about films made in 3D and then put into 2D in post production...and here I talk mainly about POTC: On Stranger Tides.
Filmed in 3D, I decided against a 3D showing this morning and instead opted for a 2D version. I rarely see 3D and am in the "think it's a flash in the pan" camp - I even thought Avatar was poor. But the 2D conversion of Pirates...was worse that any 3D conversion I've seen. Close ups were fine and detail was great - but backgrounds were blurry - like they were still polarised and you were watching the 3D version with no glasses on - and in some cases, a total mess. The picture was also to bright - a complete 180 from the picture being to dark on 3D films.

I've decided that from now on, if a film is made in 3D then that's the version I'll go see - any kind of conversion is out from now on.
Ahh 3D to 2D.. missed the concept that you were trying to get across. When things fly out the screen, they look really bad in 2D. It does ruin a movie when they do that.

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