3D T.V. confused.


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Recently went to watch AVATAR at the cinema in 3D & was blown away with the experience.
I've been hearing & reading a lot of talk about 3D t.v's becoming available to buy in the next 12 months or so.
Am I not right in thinking that when going to see this film in the cinema, the 3D effect is a combination of how it was filmed originally & having to wear the 3D glasses provided. i.e. I presume that cinemas up & down the country never had to invest in hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of new projectors & hardware just to show this film. Presumably the cinema screens were the same as usual & the projection equipment was the same as usual, so my question boils down to, why do we all need to go out & buy new equipment.
Cannot the same visual experience be had with a nice large LCD hd screen, provided the image is produced in a similar fashion. (or am i missing something?)


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The answer is that the cinemas did have to invest in very expensive new equipment to show the Digital presentation of Avatar. Standard 35mm cinema film equipment will not do the job. Avatar is just one of many recent films that have been made to the latest 3D standard. You will see that a lot of cinemas who cannot afford the investment are showing a standard non-3D version.

Introducing 3D back into the cinema represents a big gamble on behalf of the cinema chains. 3D, in a cruder form, has appeared at least twice before usually at a time when cinemas wanted to lure people away from TV. After a while the public tired of the experience and the movie makers stopped making 3D films. When you have seen a few 3D movies believe me you soon get fed up with the experience, however well they are made. You eyes and brain are being put through a mental obstacle course throughout the presentation. If 3D fails to hold the audiences this time at least the movie makers will have a new market in home video systems to fall back on. Could go either way.
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