3D Silver 1.4 AV Amp??


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Hi there, i have a new 3d tv and want a new amp which can use 1.4 (3D). anyone have any ideas, i have anthony gallo Micro TI speakers with a BK sub. i have seen the Onkyo 608 and the Yamaha v667/ 767 all come in silver. (silver is amust as the mrs wants it to match the silver tv) as the satelite speakers are small anyone make any recomendations?

P.S. currently using a Sony 5300ES. Anyone know where the best place to sell this and roughly what its worth?!

thanks in advance :)

P.S.S dont really want to spend more than £500, thought that maybe useful!

also the title says amp but i think i mean receiver?! sorry still learning
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i have a "free" samsung 5900 which i havent opened as it doesnt have the 2 HDMI like one mnetioned in your post. i was also thinking about my PS3 which i use for bluerays too, have sound from tos link but its not HD sound.

seperate topic but is the PS3 a sub standard 3D blueray player?

or do i really need HD sound, confused! thanks for your reply though. something to think about
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