3d sbs not lining up through av amp

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by karfeef, Aug 3, 2012.

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    Hi all, i hope someone can help...

    I currently have a Sony STR-DH250 AV receiver
    Plugged into that i have -

    Sony BDP-S580 blu ray player
    Virgin Media V+ set top box
    Aspire 5740G laptop via HDMI

    I am having an issue playing 3d sbs files via the laptop through the AV amp. When i do, the 2 sides do not line up correctly when putting the TV into 3d SBS mode. It's a 46" Samsung LED TV, and there is about 2-3 inches misalignment.

    I have tried playing the file (in this case, the men in black trailer) through various media player, downloaded a ton of codecs etc, but no avail.

    When plugging the laptop straight to TV via HDMI, and go fullscreen on say WMP or VLC, everything is fine - The misalignment only occurs when putting the laptop through the AV amp.

    i thought it may be the HDMI cable going from amp to TV, but the 3d stuff from the virgin box is fine (like Eurosport 3d)

    anyone have any idea why this issue would occur when my laptop is plugged into the AV amp?

    many thanks


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