3D projector needed for 3,5m distance and about 100" screen size? :P Any ideas?


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Hello everybody,

hope you're having a great x-mas time.

Currently I have a 50" Panasonic 3D plasma screen, but especially for 3D content, it is not big enough for me, not so much my girlfriend :p it's already too big for her... but they always say that... :p

Please take your time and take a look at my room panorama (silverlight required) here Hybrid Home - Photosynth.

The distance between walls is 350cm and I was wondering if it is possible to create about 100" screen size.

It will probably end up on the ceiling. I need something decent, reliable, possibly update-able (if needed) with lots of settings. Not necessarily cheap, but not too expensive either.

You may think (or not) that I'm crazy that I want 100" screen, but I need something bigger than my 50" screen. I'd like to feel like I was in cinema.

I'm planning to use my wall as a screen and I'm not entirely sure what am I going to do with my TV when I'm about to use the projector.

Do you have any suggestions?:lease:

Thanks everybody!
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Hi, try one of the projection throw calculators, here is the one for the Acer h5360BD 3D proj for starters, Acer - Projection Calculator (select it in the drop down box)
Ok nice calculator ;) thanks. I think I will be fine with pretty much any decent projector.
Although I was thinking about something more ambitious :p say up to £2k, maybe a little more.

I was recently reading review about the Panasonic PT-AE5000/PT-AE7000 and it seems good, but a bit pricey.

How about Optoma?
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Well then you pretty much have the choice of 2 projectors, the Optoma and I think it's an Epson, both are covered extensively in other threads here, throw distance does change with projectors though, some are better for short throw, others for lens shift etc

Here is the Optoma review, Optoma HD33 1080p Full HD 3D DLP Projector Review | AVForums.com - UK Online

Oh, just saw above 2K, those are the best below, over that price you will have to ask someone else :)

Lol, edit again, here is your over 2 grand option :D http://www.avforums.com/review/Optoma-Themescene-HD83-3D-DLP-Projector-Review.html
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I would consider the JVC X30. Mounted on the back wall it would give you a 100" image. Stunning 2D image quality. Very good 3D but some cross-talk on some movies.

No projector is perfect. With regard to single chip DLP machines such as the Optomas, some people are bothered the rainbow flashes. Go and see for yourself is my advice


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They are in Teddington but I don't think they reopen till Jan 2.
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