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3d pop out and depth


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i have the 3d anaglyph version of polar express and borrowed the full latest 3d version from a friend... i have a acer 5630 3d projector connected to htpc using total media theatre retail version and dlp link 3d glasses. My question is this....why does the anaglyph version look so much better in 3d using the paper glasses than the full 3d with dlp which is underwhelming...im confused...am i doing something wrong..i went to the gadget show and saw the optoma 3dxl bundle in use with the 3d movie "owls of galhoon" the pop out on that was really good unlike my setup...any help appreciated as always everyone.:thumbsup:


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What video card do you have? Your htpc video card has to be set at 120hz so your projector can go into 3D mode.


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Hiya Deux...yep my htpc is fully setup for 3d...took me 3 days to sort it out...lol. Im getting depth in 3d but no pop out unlike the demo at the gadget show


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"pop out" effects depends on the way the movie is filmed. Your not going to see it in every scene as that was the old way of 3D. The effects your after are only in scenes where there are close up's, zoom in's and things flying towards you. If you've got a Nvidia card, try the 3D tests in the 3D vision setup, then you will see a Nvidia logo float in the middle of your room. You can also set the strength of the 3D.


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if the paper glasses look better then yes something is horrendously wrong,as people have said you need to state your system and drivers.


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Is it the classic problem of needing to invert the sync between the projector and 3D glasses? YOu should have a sync invert button on your projector remote.....try pressing that and see if it sorts the problem.


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should of included all of this at the start....
intel q6600 quad core @2.4
nvidia 450 with hd sound switched off
4 gig ram
asus hd slim soundcard
lg blu ray/ hddvd drive
acer 5630 projector
4m hdmi lead
dlp glasses -72" pull down screen.
3dvision (cough) nvidia software

when i set up the nvidia stereoscopic and then get the 3d sign...this looks amazing...full 3d,,,when i put a bluray in .it looks just ok ..no pop out but some depth.
i have used the invert button on the remote but it makes no difference on bluray films....thanks eveyone for your replys
i can use the invert

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I think you are missing the point of modern 3d, its pretty much about depth of field these days, like looking out a window, its been shown that 2 hours of pop out will give you a screaming headache! All material now is done like this with a handful of pop out moments in a movie here and there.


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this is a reply from the arcsoft forums.....does it answer my problem???

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Quote ArcSoft_Jason

Reply Posted: 03 May 2011 at 11:29am Projectors can be tricky, because some use an unsupported method (pageflip) while advertising it as DLP Link (checkerboard).
The Acer 5360 is one such projector and won't work for Blu-ray using DLP-Link. You need to use it in conjunction with an NVIDIA graphics card, 3D Vision, and 3D Vision shutter glasses.

If your projector is the same, I expect the same results, but the best thing to do is test the TMT5 trial version yourself on your exact setup and confirm if it does or doesn't work.

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