3d Plasma vs Led Tv


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Hi guys, please help me with this. Ill buy a new tv but i have some doubts. Im thinking in two options: Panasonic TC-P42GT25 or Panasonic TC-L42D2. Ill use it for: 1) PS3, 2) Bluray Movies and 3) Regular tv (not HD). So what are your thougts? My Room has natural but i use my tv more at night and i want an excellent picture quality above all. Thanks :thumbsup:


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plasma, darker image but less or no ghosting/crosstalk.


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I heard and was surprised to hear that 3D LED / 3D LCD can only display 800-900 lines of HD yet the tvs still claim to be 1080p.

Granted this is only 100 lines we are talking about here but also worth considering ratio of the source too... but I find this disturbing.

I know its a limitation of the refresh rates of led/lcd...

At least this was the case don't know about newly released TV's maybe they found a way for 1080p to be displayed on lcd/led?

So for me its a tough one. Aesthetically I love how LED tvs look in their slimline form, but love plasma as a performer but the glass, weight and bit extra bulk puts me off.

Someone more in the know could shed more light but the resolution issue is a dealbreaker for me...


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Go and take a look at the Samsung 7000 plasma's. They are almost Edge LED thin, quite remarkable for a plasma.


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my panny is not too thick either... not that muck thicker than the sony i had

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