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3D Passive Projector For Education


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Does anyone know of a projector that would be suitable for a school that is wanting a 3D projector in a specific room for this purpose that isn't silly levels in pricing? The school have said they want to stay away from expensive active glasses and would like passive.

So, requirements:
HD Projector (1080p strongly preferred)
Passive Glasses
Room will be specific, not a standard class so can be darkened etc

They've asked us to provide a solution (we're IT support) and we install many 'normal' projectors onto smartboards etc, however 3D seems very much Home Cinema Active Glasses based.

Did find this but not HD: Epson EB W16SK Passive 3D WXGA Projector System | Ebuyer.com


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Maybe HD should be scrapped. Just found out it could well be a class of 30!


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The cheapest way would be to get the twin PJ system with HD PJ's, but a proper passive PJ I believe LG made one a couple of years ago but it was around 7k.
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The Epson solution you linked to looks to be the one to go for. Using a pair of common projectors makes getting lamps quite easy and initial line up should be quite simple.

Commercial - theatre projectors you a switching polarising filter in front of a single projector. The main reasons for this are it is cheaper to have one big projector rather than 2 and also when you change ratios and zoom the projector, you do not need to re-set the convergence.

Now the bad news! All passive projection systems need a special silvered metalized screen surface, as a matte white surface will not maintain the polarisation of the light correctly. These are not cheap, so make sure you factor this in. Simply pointing these projectors at a white screen will give massive crosstalk, probably making the picture unwatchable.

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