3D on samsung D8000


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Looking for some advice. I have a Samsung D8000 40" and i have been downloading some 3d movies to watch and i play them from a hardrive to the tv with a usb. My question is will i loose any 3D affect by doing this? also i was watching avatar in 3d and it seemed as tho the picture had alot of depth but not so much 3D popping out the screen so its like the 3D is going the wrong way. Hope that makes sense :facepalm:
3D is as much about depth as occasionally popping out. If it popped out all the time it would become unreal and very tiresome to watch.

I'd start with playing a proper 3D bluray opposed to an unknown sourced source to ensure you know the source is good. Apologies if I may have misunderstood the origin of your download files.

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