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Vr currently uses SBS for 3d movies, but I think everyone knows frame packed 3D is the best. I wanted to know if anyone knows if VR can play frame packed movies, or if it can't play it then what is causing the problem. Thanks.


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Yeah, sorry my bad it looks like installing MadVr goes the SBS route too.

It’s surprising no company has come out with an easy solution for playing 3D movies in VR without the need for SBS. I’ll keep looking.

I can’t play UHD blurays either but for different reasons. Either my monitor isn’t UHD or HDR or my connection isn’t HDCP2.2 compliant or my PC won’t do SGX.

So last night I ordered a 4k monitor which does HDR. My 9700k does SGX so I enabled it in the bios. It’s only HDCP2.2 I need to worry about now but I’m not sure if my 1080ti does it. We’ll see when the monitor arrives.

It’s a shame Virtual Desktop doesn’t play 3D Blurays off the bat as it would save a lot of hassle.


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If you have a Sony Playstation 4, PSVR headset plays 3D blu rays off the bat. Its how I watch all of my Blu Rays this way in the comfort of my living room.

Although PSVR is often dismissed as only being lower pixel resolution than PC headsets, it actually has a significantly higher sub-pixel density than the Rift and Vive first gen due to its RGB matrix layout. This means minimal screen door effect.

With PSVR headsets selling for around £150-200 or £100 second hand, you might like to look into it.

I personally love it, it has changed my movie watching experience (especially 3D which I hated in cinemas).

And like you, I usedto be after a simple solution of playing 3D blu rays on PC headset and hated the whole ripping blu ray process.


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3D on my index is phenomenal even sbs

It would be cool if there was software like powerdvd for vr

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