3D LED tv Wall mounting & Angles


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Im just about to order my brackets for my 47 LW650T. only to see there is a supposed optimal viewing windo to get the most from the 3D

Currently i have my panny plasma wall mounted / vertically on the main wall with the centre of the screen approx 55 inches from the floor. this gives us an slightly raised eyeline position when sitting / reclined from the seating position.

Now if i use the same mount to locate the new 3d tv, the tv will be a about 2 inches higher from the centre point. so we would be even lower than centre from the viewing position.

I can get some tilt brackets.. one offering +-7.5 degrees of tilt, the other offering 0- 20 degree of downward tilt only

Would 7.5 degrees of tilt be ok , or would i need to go with 20?

Or will flat to the wall at this distance be ok

Trouble is, as uausl ive left it till the last minute to ask.. i need to order the brackets today lol



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Mine is similar, bought a bracket of e-bay, about £24, really secure and allow the tv to tilt out at the top only up to about 15 degrees.

I find the maximum tilt is the best, and it still isn't quite at right angles to normal view.

Beauty of this bracket is that it is unobtrusive, as quite small, but you may need the next size up for a 47inch, and the tilt angkle is instantly variable by pushing/pulling on the top of the tv. In fact you can push it back to vertical when not in use for tidyness.


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I'm undecided which way to go too ie tilt or no tilt.

The whole idea of getting an LED (for me at least) was the due to the slimness of the TV. I want it to go as flush to the wall as possible. The non tilt bracket is only 1" off the wall, where as the tilting bracket comes off 2.5" (then add on the 1.5" of the TV)

I've been watching the TV on its supplied stand for the last couple of weeks which doesn't tilt so dont think its a major issue.

Probably go for non tilt unless someone else can argue the point to change my mind ;)


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Isnt it better to get one WITH tilt? You can have it flush to the wall if you want but then you also have the option of tiliting it at a later date if required.

I've literally just ordered a bracket with tilt for my 47" 550t. I want the 'flush to the wall' look too but also understand that theres a sweet spot for 3D with these TVs so may need to tilt it down to my viewing angle.
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