3D laptop that is compatible with DLP-link 3D glasses?


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Hi all,

I already own a DLP-Link 3D projector and compatible glasses. I am now looking for a laptop that will produce a 3D display that is compatible with these glasses, so I don't have to buy yet more!

The way DLP-Link (active shutter) 3D technology works is the projector/screen flashes white for a split-second between frames for the left and right eye. The DLP-Link 3D glasses sync with this flash.

More specifically, my question is: is there a laptop out there that can produce this same style 3D output with white flashes, that my glasses can sync with?

I've noticed that one of the more popular PC active shutter 3D technologies is NVIDIA 3D Vision, which works slightly differently: The PC outputs a video signal with no white flashes; instead a separate IR signal is sent with which the glasses sync. Can NVIDIA 3D vision compatible graphics cards also produce a signal with 'DLP-Link style' white flashes?


Thanks a lot for your help!



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And just to be clear:

I want to use the glasses to view the laptop screen in 3D. I.e. I want the laptop screen to output the 'white flashes'. I'm not trying to connect the laptop to the projector.


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