3D film tonight on BBCHD


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Anyone stuck for material may be interested but I'm asking does it record in 3D automatically as sky is billing it as 3d the beeb says also available in3d


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Street Dance. 6:25pm.
I think if you record it, it should play back as normal SBS 3D video and change manually in your TV.
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are you sure its tonight ?

on my channel BBC one HD it says eastenders followed by sherlock.
and on sky one HD its treasure island.:confused:


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me and the misses watched this tonight and really enjoyed it.some good pop scenes and good depth in places.i will admit not the best but still enjoyable.


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Caught a bit of the dance movie on BBC HD channel last night on my non-3D TV. Obviously it was side by side, but the red button facility clicked it into a normal picture without losing the HD. It didn't divert the tuner anywhere else. Never seen this before. Obviously this opens up the possibility of using the channel dual purpose for both types of presentation. I was using a Panasonic 24" TV.

BTW the plan is to change the BBC HD channel to be BBC2 HD. Not sure if/when this is due to happen.
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