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I have a LG 47G2 3D Google TV and I just brought a Sony HDR-TD30V 3D Camera. I can play videos in 3D directly from plugging into the HDMI port from the camera to the TV. But When playing the media files on playstation or Sony Google TV device that can play in 3D, the files don't activate 3D Mode.
What format do I need to have the files in to play the original 3D Format. Files are in .MTS AVC format. I have also tried importing the files into Sony Vegas 12 and can see 2 video tracks when importing the file but don't know what to Render the files in to Play in 3D. Is there a AV Expert out there that knows what I can do?


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I couldn't say as these are rare combos.

For the Playstation the only format/container I know for sure that auto activates 3D is H.264 MVC in MP4 containers. You could probably remux the video from .MTS into .MP4 without any conversion necessary using something like mp4 box.

The TV may or may not be in the same boat, if the MP4 works on the Playstation try it with the TV, if it doesn't work then the TV probably doesn't support the feature.

There aren't a whole lot of media players available for the GoogleTV platform, ViMu is one on the store but I don't think it supports 3D.

If by chance you have one of the rare LG sets that was upgraded to GoogleTV v4 then you have the means to run XBMC for Android but this does not support H.264 MVC 3D video it only supports the SBS style 3D video which means converting and it still may not be able to auto activate 3D mode on the TV. You could try DVDFab or BDtoAVCHD which works on 3D Blu-ray's, it might not work on your file as the 3D prompt only appears when you feed it a BDMV folder from a 3D disc.

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