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A month ago on Channel 4 they showed 3 episodes of a documentry of The Queen in 3D ( The Royal Family Queen not the rock band Queen)

It was the best 3D effects movie I have ever seen on Widescreen LCD TV.

I also have a couple of kids movies on DVD in 3D for the kids ' Spy Kids 3D and The Polar Express in 3D.

The effects on these movies are awful.

I noticed the one on channel 4 which I recorded, the 3D effects was much much better plus you can see the colour better . When they were promoting thie documentry the megastore Sainsbury's were giving away these free cardboard 3D glasses but the coluor of them was'nt the typical red and green it was a amber & blue .I even tried it with the Red & Green glasses but the effects were terrible but with the Amber & Blue glasses the 3D really stood out plus it was full colour.

I have borrowred my only pair to my brother.
Does anyone know where can I get these type of 3D glasses?

Plus I want to know why can't they make the 3D DVD's that they sell in HMV the same the same as they did The Queen documentry on Channel 4?

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