3D (Bluray / content) advice please


again im not sure if this should be here but i cant find anywhere else to shoehorn it in...

T:DR; i struggle with enjoying 3D at home on my set up; suggestions please?

Ive mentioned in (my) relevant tv / bluray player threads about struggling to notice the 3D element of 3D blurays. i can tell there is depth (to some extent) but to me in my head with my tv set up its just almost registers in my head as "meh thats normal and not wow". Almost like my head says its expected (i can only assume this is happening in my head as real life is "3D"?) so i don't really notice it.

i can see 3D in the cinema perfectly fine, and most of the time enjoy it; so i know it is not "me"; after much pondering on the subject i wonder if it is due to being one of those people where the 3D is not the depth, its the pop out stuff that make 3D 3D to me?

I even got through the 3D demo loop for 15 mins at PC World and most of it was cool and noticeable for me (god forbid but my mum hadn't seen 3D and it was the only location where I knew they had a demo so please do not think I went in to purchase anything!)

also i have tried Halo CE and Avatar the game on the xbox (both 3D games) and they had noticeable bits, although tiredness / motion-sickness kicked in so dont bother as its too much of a faff to drag the xbox downstairs.

Would anyone have any recommendations of something pop out heavy or pop out clips i can try and see if it is that? or even normal depth / combination of both clips or movies i can test where you know yourself that its awesome to see if this is the reason i struggle with 3D. half the time i end up just tired and either switch to normal 2D or just turn it off an go to bed :(.

unless i have a setting wrong on the tv / player (hay i can only hope!). IIRC amazon.co.uk has a offer on 3D blurays too. i had hoped something spacey or space docu but apparently that isnt suitable or something *shrugs*

i have seen a few bits i thought were cool, such as the END title credits with planets at the end of star trek into darkness, there was one clip i think was for LG 3D show off, and it was a guy with tennis balls and an urban environment, and there was one bit in the control room in avatar with the airspace raider screen in the background (ironically just before i turned it off and went to bed). These bits I remember thinking wow that is 3D (avatar was more of a look for it moment) but when i sit down and watch a move i just seem to be looking for it. maybe im looking rather than enjoying and thus not realising?

Would anyone have any ideas? and im really sorry this was so long but i have no one else to turn to and felt it might be helpful to explain how I perceive things and some things which I have tried.


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Madagascar 3 is still the best 3D movie for any kind of pop out (at home) that I've seen.
Imax Hubble 3D and Imax Deep Sea are both outstanding 3D discs and worth having in a collection as you can watch them more than once and they make great demo material :)


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Have you tried watching one of the 3d films you have watched and enjoyed, at the cinema, on your home set up? Is your room too bright? What model of tv do you have?


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Madagascar 3 is still the best 3D movie for any kind of pop out (at home) that I've seen.
Imax Hubble 3D and Imax Deep Sea are both outstanding 3D discs and worth having in a collection as you can watch them more than once and they make great demo material :)

Also try despicable me, the end credits are a pop demo. I enjoy the film too.


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Some other possibilities as to your variable 3D experience: Do you have your head tilted (or not level) with the screen while watching 3D? And do you possibly have one eye more dominant than the other?


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The major factor in true 3D appreciation is probably screen size compared to how close (and how central) you're to the screen. If you're watching say a 40" from four or more yards away then that will diminish the experience. If you're watching a 65" from two yards away and you're still not getting the 3D'ness then I think there's not much hope for you, other than getting a projector and a very large screen (say 120" or more).




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A few films that have gripped me in 3D are:

Avatar - Popout and Depth were both really good, shame the extended edition isn't in 3D though.

Despicable Me 1&2 (loved watching these with my daughter)

Dredd (2012) - Has some really nice 'depth' scenes shot with stuff in the foreground.

Sanctum was also very good, a fair bit of depth and popout.... though I only have the 2D version of this, I converted it to 3D using the 2D-3D converter when I ripped the disc with DVDFab.
Now when you rip a disc with DVDFab, you choose SBS or TB (Side by Side, Top and Bottom) rather than framepacking. Still, it looked and felt pretty good for me :)

There are samples and trailers available for download you can use to test some out:
List ot stereoscopic 3D Movie trailers for download - 3D Vision Blog - Forum
3DGuy.tv | The Ultimate Site for All Things 3D/4K & 4K3D
3d sbs hd videos 1080p - YouTube - sidebyside stuff, trailers and clips you can download with a youtube downloader

Remember you can hook up your PC to the tv and use something like stereoscopic player:
.... to play them. I use my Mede8er X6003D media player with external drives for all mine.

It's good to have a completely dark room so it's more effective, I use a projector, so it's nice and dark anyway.

There are quite a few space documentary's in 3D, I believe the Imax ones are the best, though they are all rather short.

Spacey/futuristic/Sci Fi feature films I can find are:
Gravity is a 3D,
Pacific Rim,
Star Trek Into Darkness,
Men in Black 3,
Man of Steel (More Superhero, but love that film),
Transformers Dark Side of the Moon,
Tron Legacy - Just bought this in the two for £20 on Amazon along with Oz great and Powerful,
i, Robot,
Green Lantern,
and the Star Wars films are slowly on the way :)

The thread over on AVS has some more examples of films too:
Top 20 3D Blu-Ray Movies? Also the top must have!

I'm sure there was a list somewhere here on AVF, can't seem to find it at the moment though.


ps: a projector is great for 3D content ;) I have the BenQ W1070

It is pretty good value for money and does the job nicely :)


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Agreed Madagascar 3 is right up there with the best for amazing 3d.
Surprised the 2 Sammy's adventure movies haven't been mentioned. Although they are aimed at the smaller ones, you'd be hard pushed to find better 3d anywhere and Will look amazing on any 3d setup and you can get them cheap as chips!! Looking forward to director Ben Stassons house of magic later this year!!


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pop out 3d is quite rare as people say above it's mainly in kids movies, mainstream movies tend to stay way from it for 2 reasons
1. it was seen as gimmicky
2. too much of it gives people headaches (it makes some people go cross eyed too when stuff pops out)
personally i love it and would love to see more pop out in mainstream movies (so many missed opportunities)
i think alot of people dismiss the 3d unless things are poking them in the eye, recent example spider-man 2 which i thought was excellent for 3d and i overheard behind me "3d was rubbish nothing happened"

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