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Hi All,

Am about to take a dive into the market for a surround sound system

I will be running a PS3 & Sky HD through the amp (Sky audio through optical of course).

I would like the amp to be 3D (1.4) compatible (in line with a 3D TV a am about to purchase; Panny GT30) but am unsure on what is around on the market nowadays.

Can anyone recommend packages between £250 - £400

I am hoping to take a venture down to Richer Sounds (or similar) to try and bag a TV/AV package deal...... if I buy both from them.
(going to be sore on the wallet)

Any help/recommendations are much appreciated.



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The Onkyo HTS3405 is £250 - Onkyo HTS3405 Black | 5.1 Package System inc. Speakers excluding DVD player | Richer Sounds (it was about £220 at Best Buy a few days ago, but the code you had to use has expired).

The HTS5405 is £350, a model above. The differences are (from here):
The differences in the two systems consist of the HT-S3405 lacking the front-panel USB port, subwoofer pre-out, and Audyssey 2EQ. The power output of the two systems, however, is exactly the same.

I'd say the biggest difference is the better Audyssey and more importantly having a sub pre-out so that you can get any sub you want later on. I don't know what else you could find in this price bracket, they seem like pretty good deals.

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