3CCD camcorders - which one to buy?

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    After having bought a single chip camcorder in a hurry and not really investigating what I should have bought, I'm now doing the research and trying to choose a camera to replace my JVC DLV-210.

    The key features I'm after are:

    DV in/out
    mic in
    headphone out
    Shoe to accept external accessories.

    The cameras I've looked at are:

    Canon XL1/XL1s
    Canon XM1
    Sony VX2000
    Panasonic MX300

    Obviously there is a great scope in price and functionality for the camera's listed.

    The XL's are attractive because they would appear to be the sexiest choice. They look the part, have overwhelmingly good reviews (apart from some focusing concerns) and have the ability to swap lenses.

    The downside though is the size and the cost. Yes additional lenses are available, but the cost is quite high and for the use intended (non professional, holidays and to play with video editing) it would appear overkill.

    So that moves onto the XM1, VX2000, & MX300.

    The VX2000 is nearly £800 more than the MX300, and apart from the sony name and 1/3 inch Vs 1/4 inch CCDs doesn't seem to offer that much added benefit.

    It's low light performance is supposed to be superior, but everything that I read says that for the best results, you should ensure you have adequate lighting anyway.

    So that leaves the MX300 & the XM1.

    The XM1 is cheaper and I view cannon as a better name than Panasonic. But it is now a couple of years old and it's feature set isn't as rich as the MX300.

    The MX300 supports higher resolution stills and also has the memory card functionality, and compared to the Sony, either one leaves enough change for a RT2500 or something similar.

    So does anyone have any views concerning my logic?

    Are there any 3CCD camcorders I've missed?

    Do you own a MX300 and are you happy with it?



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