3930 or wait for new 3808 amp for upscaling ?


Peter Galbavy

Still unsure of where I want to be; I have too many DVDs to ignore and a new 1080p 42" screen. While the screen does a good job of upscaling I am hoping things might be better out there with the application of some money and technology.

I currently have a 3802 amp which I am still very happy with, but if the rumoured 3808 appears and does 1080p upscaling I am wondering if I need to consider the 3930 in the context of a purely upscaling DVD player ? I am intentionally ignoring the other benefits for this question...

Any ideas / guesses what upscaler/deinterlacer may go into the 3808 ? The 3930 is a very attractive option, but £900 is £900 and if the amp does most of the same job *and* on my other legacy sources (Topfield PVR etc.) then that might be better in the long run.

I am also considering things like the iScan VP30/VP50 as "strategic" options...


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I think it very unlikely that the 3808 will incorporate the Realta chip found in the 3930. On the strength of that, you'd probably be best served buying the 3930 to get the best from your current DVD collection.


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If the Realta chip does appear in one of Denon's Amps/Receivers it's likely to be the Flagship unit. Wouldn't rule out the possibility of a Reon chip making it's way into one of the models further down the range though.

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