3930 HDMI light flashing


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I have noticed that when I play a CD via the optical output with my TV switched off, the HDMI light flashes.

This makes me worry, so I turn HDMI off when playing CDs with the TV off. Do I need to turn HDMI off - does the flashing light mean danger?


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Hi !!
Most likely its only means that there is no connection between dvd HDMI terminal and TV hdmi terminal. That is it. I wouldn't worry about it.


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Ah okay, so there is no need to turn HDMI off or anything? Just let the light flash. What I was confused about was that it even flashed when I had it set to Pure Direct with Video off. I thought this turned HDMI off!?


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On my 3910, the HDMI light only flashes when playing CDs if I have had the monitor turned on since powering-up the player, and have then turned it off. If I leave the monitor on, the light doesn't flash, and if I never turn it on, it doesn't flash.

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