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3930/Denon Service Centre/Realta Upgrade


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Hi All,

Well I did it and sent in my 3930 into Denon service for the Realta firmware upgrade and for them to fix its skipping problem.

From previous experience with Denon I must admit I feared the worst, expecting never to see my machine again but last Sat it was at my dealer ready to pick up.

One thing they dont seem to do is to include a list of what they have done so I called them with my service number and as well as the firmware they have replaced the "transverse plate" what the heck is that???? somthing in the laser asemblly I belive....

Anyway I picked it up from my dealer, the box looks as though its had 12 shades knocked out of it and both lower polystyrene packing pieces are smashed.......it wasnt looking good, but on inspection the 3930 wasnt damaged and just as immaculate as it was when sent...phew, flipping couriers eh......if you remember earlier this year a my previous 3930 was delivered smashed, these things are built like a brick out house, it must have been some drop.....

The good news is its working fine, the upgrade seems to have done the trick, fast motions seems to be handled better and no signs of the horizontal interlace lines which it suffered from and no skipping woo hoo!!

I did ring Denon regarding the what appears to be rough handling by the courier and they seemed very concerned esp as my earlier unit was smashed, so I will let you know how I get on.

In the past I have slated Denon on the quality of their service dept but since then it seems Denon are cleaning up their act with their service centre but if you are sending you pride and joy to them make sure its well packed and protected as the couriers dont give a hoot.




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these things are built like a brick out house, it must have been some drop.....

Not only built like but also the same weight.

Remembers me when I picked up my 4306 from the dealer and he asked my how far the car is away ;)


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Just so you know Denon don't have much of a in house service department anymore, haven't for a couple of years now, since 2006 I think. Are you sure it was sorted by Denon themselves and not one of their service agents?


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Denon tend to entrust Genserve in Swindon to carry out their service work.


Those of you that have made the Realta upgrade can confirm what parts they have changed and the part numbers?

The idea is to ask for the video board and replace it as the service in Spain doesn´t know about the problem :(

I hope the new software is inside the new exchange board.

Thank you.

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