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These are probably the dumbest questions here... but here goes anyway.

Does anyone know how speaker delays are applied when playing a DVD-A in a 3910. The manual suggests it gets some info from the disk???? Are the machine internal settings then bypassed??? What is in the DVD-A format that sets up the speaker delays???? Or is this hogwash ?????

Do the speaker delays in the 3910 set-up only apply when playing a DVD and using the analogue output???? They don't seem to affect the digital output ( perhaps I'm deaf as well as stupid ). I don't have source direct enabled before anyone suggests I have, although I have used this with DVD-A and SACD. The manual says something like 'apply speaker setting in av amp if using digital output'. Not sure if that means applying them makes no difference anyway or it makes double the difference... if you get my drift.

Probably best to zero them out in the 3910 and use what's in the amp.....

Just curious what other folks have experienced.... hopefully someone has a better understanding of this than I do.


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The Delay's only affect the analogue outputs when you use the players onboard decoders. You have to physically key in the speaker distances in the players setup menu it's not done automatically.

Your AV amplifier will be doing the decoding for Dolby/DTS when you pass a digital signal and it will apply the delays once you've setup up speaker distances in it's setup menus.

DVD Audio and SACD are not passed digitally (unless you have Firewire or Denon Link) so you would have to use the players decoders and the multichannel analogue outputs.

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