3806 multi room wiring.



Be gentle!!!

I am having my house re-wired and am going to buy a 3806.
I am told that the 3806 can support up to three rooms 'multiroom', however, Denon do not provide Infra red link.

What cable do I need to run from the 3806 to enable the multi room feature to work?
Where can I get IR cable / receiver from?

Fairly urgent as I have a load of blokes ripping my house apart today!!

Your help is appreciated.


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I have the 3805 and tried for a long time to get this information. I'm afraid no firm answers. If you look at denons american web site it tells you part numbers for the recivers, but these don't seem to be for sale in UK. I asked Sevenoakes and others and they couldn't help.
I ended up getting a seperate IF repeater that allows me to control my source componenets aswell. People like Xantech and Keane do them. https://www.letsautomate.com/ is a good place to look. I personally went for the Xantech option and am very pleased.
Also be warned about the Denon, I love it and it is fantastic, but you need to understand what it allows you to do. If you want true 7.1 in one room then you will need amplification for the other two rooms. If you are happy with 5.1 in one room then you can use the internal power amp to drive speakers in Zone 2 but will need amplification for Zone 3. I currently have 7.1 in Zone 1 and a power amp driving speakers in Zone 2. Works flawlessly. Very happy with it.
Good luck with your setup.


I am still a little lost.

I have looked at the suggested website.

I would like to buy an IR cable that plugs in the back of the 3806 and has a reciever in room 2 (about 10 m away)

Is this the right cable? http://www.letsautomate.com/pdf/286m.pdf
(an Infa red blink emitter + extension cable?)

Any help appreciated....

I have to order tonight!!!

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