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this is a real newb question. i have a plasma with component inputs, hd stb with component inputs and a dvd with component inputs. i can run the dvd player and the stb straight to the plasma or run them through the 3805. what are the advantages of the latter, what does it allow me to do, and do i have the two lead set inputting into the receiver and just one set going to the plasma? thanks in advance for any help.

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The latter will allow the Denon's OSD to show up on your plasma. If you are sat close to your amp, this may not be an issue, but my eyesight is not what it used to be and I sit about 14 feet from the amp. Having the AMP menu pop up on your big screen is very useful.

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yes it will be both components to the 3805 and then use the component out to the plasma



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Not taking away from what the guys have said, but it's worth noting that the on-screen display only appears when the input signal and hence the output signal from the 3805 is interlaced and not progressive. It's great when we're watching the STB because the OSD works a treat but when playing a DVD or a game in progressive scan mode, it can be a bit annoying!



EDIT: This is just from my experience and a few things I've read on these very forums. If somebody knows a way that it can in fact be overlaid on progressive sources, I'd love to know about it :)

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