3805 centr preouts


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My second question is how can I bi-amp the centre channel, the centre preout on the 3805 only has 1 terminal in which to connect an interconnect the 2nd terminal is labled sub woofer and obviously that is where my sub is connected. How can I get round this proble?




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You would use a single interconnect to connect the centre pre-out to a mono power amp or a single channel on a stereo/multi-channel power amp. Then connect the centre speaker terminals on the denon to say the top terminals on the centre speaker and the power amp to the bottom so the denon would be powering the tweater and the power amp the mid/bass driver - make sure you remove the links between the top/bottom terminals on the speaker.

I'm not sure how much of an improvement you would gain from this - it's probably better to get a decent 5 channel power amp and just use that for the 5 main speakers (just the power amp driving the speakers) - if you are using 7.1 the denon will be OK for the surround backs. When I had a 3805 I added a 5 channel Roksan amp (rrp £1000, got a 2nd hand but new, unused one for £500) and it was leagues ahead of the amps in the Denon. The 5 channel amps from Rotel and Parasound should also be considered in that price bracket.

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Thanks for the reply.

Ok so I can use a spare Cyrus smart power set to mono, thats great!

I'm interested in what you said about the 5 channel power amp, would that work in the same way, running the speaker cable from the 3805 for the bass and the power amp to the tweaters? I could do that for the fronts but the rears are not bi ampable, so maybe a 3 channel power amp from the likes of Primare would do the job, or just sell the 3805 andd get a Primare SP21 with a 3 channel power amp.

Thanks again.


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Yep, that would work fine although I still think you will get better performance from just using a decent power amp to drive the speakers rather than bi-amping with the denon. If you do get a 3 channel amp you can always try both ways and see what you prefer :smashin:

You've clearly got a case of upgraditis (common around here :rolleyes: :D ) as you are now talking about a processor and power amp combo! It would certainly be a performance increase over the denon but you'll be loosing things from the Denon like room EQ, denon link with your 3910, component switching and upconverting so depending on whether you use any of those it might not be worth it.

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