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Im wondering how good is the 3805 for a processor with power amps running on it? is there many better than a 3805 for just processing? and can the 3805 run without any speakers on it?

this may seam a dumb question, however connecting a 3805 to a power amp is fairly easy? just plug in the pre-out of the 3805 into a power amp, and its done? the volume on the 3805 controls the power-amp?

do auto-setup run ok? does everything run like its connected to the 3805? i probably wont get a surround power amp, but a stereo one if i do upgrade - so i guess that would give more power to the surround speakers.

do you think if the Q9c is running off the 3805 and my Q7's off the power amp, will they be a different volumes? sound mis-matched?

the power amp ive been thinking about is the NAD C272 - which should be able to drive Q7's better?

just asking due if i think i need to upgrade the system, thanks! sorry for all the amount of questions, however i wanted to keep them together as they are all connected *Pun* :p


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The 3805 will do very nicely just as a Processor. All you have to do is connect the Power Amp to the relevant Pre-Out sockets and then the 3805 will control the volume etc. Auto Setup will still work ok as well.

Adding a Power Amp will make it easier for the Denon to run any other speakers that are still attached to it as there will be less of load on it's power supply. You shouldn't get a mis-match in volume levels as you still have to balance all the channels in relation to each other. Some come with adjustable Gain controls to help with this. On a THX certified Power Amp it's a doddle as you just set these controls to THX (Max) and you're away, :)

I've never heard the NAD C272 so can't really comment on it but in general, adding a decent Power Amp can improve the overall sound quality. Might also be worth tracking down a five channel amp as you get some decent ones popping up in the Hardware Classifieds Forum from time to time. :)


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My brother uses a Denon 3805 as processor, my advice, with a BelCanto eVo 6 power and KEF REF speakers + A11, sounds very good...


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Hi There
i've currently got it setup this way, with pre outs from my 3805 front left and right to a Stereo Krell KAV400i amp to run my Totem Model 1's, all you need to do is find an amp that has unity gain or theatre throughput. 3805 will take care of the volume for you.. Also you can run the 3805 auto calibration, works fine.


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thanks for the replies, does sound *pun* that the 3805 will be a good processor. how does it compaire agaisnt those madly priced ones?

you guys answered so many questions :)

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