3805 as a pre amp



can someone with more knowledge than me please tell me how my 3805 will go as a pre-amp compared to an enry level Rotel pre-amp? my denon is slightly more expensive but i'm not sure just how better a rotel amp will go with my 1070 power amp.


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find a dealer with a demo room who will let you bring in your 3805 and compare them :)

its quite likely that the Rotel will work better, but then thats because its the same make, however its always possible you will prefer the sound the denon/rotel combo makes....lol

also depends on your speakers....


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I use a 3805 as a pre-amp with Quad 909s bi-amped to Martin Logan Aerius main speakers and find it works very well as a pre-amp and processor. It certainly compares well with Quad pre-amps. I was previously using a Tag AV30R (but got fed up with the hiss from the rear channels) and found that the sound from the 3805 was slightly "warmer", less hard than the Tag; more like a Quad pre-amp in fact.

The 3805 makes a very good pre-amp (which is more than can be said for its built in power amps - at least into electrostatics) but the only way to find out how it works with another manufacturers amps is to try it with both source(s) and speakers that you intend to use.

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