3803 Delivered Damaged. Choices? AX3?


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Aug 9, 2000
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Notts, UK.
Hi Folks

Just had HiSpeks last Black Denon3803 delivered and it has damage to one side.

They have collected it and will ring me Monday with some options.

What ever I have needs to be black and around £600.

So do I get a refund and buy a 3803 somewhere else?

Only other option as I see it from HiSpek is to have a Pioneer AX3, I don't need the video switching capabilities of the Denon as I only route sound through the amp. I like the thought of a THX amp and auto setup but is the AX3 a stepdown sonically from the 3803?

Thoughts Please...

What about the Denon 3805? It is supposed to be a cracking amp, and the remote is worth the entire cost of the unit alone :):):), a bit too new, so discounts on it might be difficult.

There is the Marantz SR7400 as well, rrp of about £600, but an be had much cheaper online, £489 is the cheapest I've seen so far, but a step down from the 3803.

Pioneer AX3 is a solid amp, but a little bright compared to the Denon, depends on what kind of sound you prefer I guess.
AFAIK, the Denon 3805 is ridiculous, and pretty much nobody's heard it.

I'd say the AX3 is sonically inferior to the 3803.
I heard a demo of the 3805 at the Bristol Sound And Vision show back in February. It did sound very nice, a match for the majority of the systems demo'd at the show in the a similar price bracket.

Again, best thing to do is take along your own test discs and get a demo, especially if you are spending nearly £1K.

Trust your ears logiclee, let the waves flow through you, let go logiclee (5 rupees to whoever gets what inspired the last sentence :):) )
Thanks for the reply's guys.

I've been away for a week so i'll fill you in.

Decided to get a refund from HiSpek which turned into a nightmare and ended up being sorted by the manager after loads of phone calls over seven days.

Purchased a 3803 from Sound and Vision and it arrived yesterday, I've been setting it up all morning. :)

So my first thoughts........
Build Quality
Sounds loads more musical than my Sony STRDB930
Picks up far more detail than the 930
Steering is much improved.
The setup and remote are easy.

I Don't like (But tweaking to do)
The bass doesn't seem as strong as the Sony, I use big Mission 734i floorstanders and the Sony made them rock. I think at this stage the Sony had a heavy bottom end presentation and the Denon is more natural. Going to check the settings.
LCD display too small makes seeing the volume difficult.
Nudge the Volume control on the remote and it hardly changes, hold your finger on and it shoots up.

So I think a lot of it is getting used to a new receiver and fine tuning the setup. I'll report back after a few movies and a bit more tweaking.


Could it be from a film with some geezer with a light saber??

Cheers all


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