3802 Test tones-different pitch?



I have a denon 3802 with castle durham 900s at the front and wharfedale airdale 818 at the back. I've noticed that when using the test tones, especially with the front pair, that the tone for left and right will sound higher, with less or more bass or treble than the other. I don't notice any problem in normal listening, so is this just a feature of the way the test tones are generated?


Sorry, not quite following you?
Are you saying that left is bassier than right or vice versa,
or are you saying that the fronts sound different to the rear, which is totally normal when the speakers are completely different?
If the former, then there may be something odd about the positioning of your speakers that is causing this, otherwise it's quite a serious problem with the unit.


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I would think that this is just down to room accutiscs and probably nothing to worry about.

Happens for me where my left is a more open position and the right is hearer chimney breast and furniture.
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