3802 reciever set-up confusion and observations - tone / delays

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Peter Galbavy, Dec 29, 2006.

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    Onto the wonderful world of subjective listening.

    I have been moving stuff around the house, bought a set of AE Aegis 7.1 speakers off another forum member (working great, thanks Xentrix...) and have been trying to make myself happy with the sound in the new "cinema" (aka converted bedroom) as I am with the stereo set-up in the front room.

    Quick list; Downstairs: CA Azur 640A, Sony CDP-915E, TDL RTL-3 speakers. Upstairs: Denon 3802, Samsung HD950, AE Aegis EVO 7.1 setup.

    While the two systems are obviously very different and the rooms are set-up 90 degrees apart, I would dearly like the sound to be close so that I don't cring every time I put something on upstairs. Which is what I was doing to start with. I took the amp and CD player upstairs, plugged into the two front speakers and *wow* I think that perhaps, maybe, the AE speakers are actually nicer than my TDLs - and that I did not expect. They certainly need more power though, but then they shine.

    So, after much fiddling and comparing CD vs. DVD / analogue vs. digital inputs into the Denon, I came to the conclusions that apart from the *better* sounding speakers upstairs it was the Denon "at fault".

    Factory default the sucker and start again. The most "pleasing" sound I could get was setting the tone to bass +2, treble +6 - which shocked me a bit. I also set the delays to 0.0m on all speakers - which I can't be sure, but makes for better SACD sound. I normally turn off all tone controls off and faithfully set the distances using a tape measure, but this was interesting.

    Question for others:

    How are the newer Denon's for audio compared to the 3802 (of which I have only ever heard my one unit) ?

    I am/was considering the 3808 or whatever next year for the video processing, but now I am wondering if I should look up the range (4306 / 4806/AV11XVA - if it wasn't such a UK ripoff compared to the US and the $ rate) or should I actually look wider at other brands ?

    I concenptually understand the delay settings, but does it actually make a different to "EXT IN" for SACD or is that just my brain being imaginative and will it really make must difference in a 3.5m x 4m room ? (I watched MI2 on HD-DVD last night and the sound was fine and dandy as set-up above)
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    Newer units are better and you'll find units like the 2807 are much better than the 3802 despite being further down the model range pecking order. DSP processing has moved on, EQ systems have improved etc etc.

    I'd put your delay times/speaker distances back to how they should be as for movies etc everything is going to be "out" for the standard Inputs. The EXT In's bypass the delay times/bass management anyway and the only adjustment you have is channel level volume control.

    Then again, if it all sounds good to your ears, that's the most important thing. :)

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